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Alfalfa Pellet Mill

Alfalfa is called the “the king of pasture”. It can mature to 1-3 feet high. Alfalfa expands quickly as well as adjusts to various setting. Normally, it can be reaped for 4 times a year, and also 12 times in some locations. Alfalfa prevails in lawns, parks and areas.

Alfalfa has high return and also nutrient web content, ideal for different animals as well as poultry. For a long time, alfalfa has actually been an outstanding animal feed.

Residence of alfalfa

Alfalfa has higher healthy protein material and also much less fiber content than various other lawns. 1 lots of alfalfa has the very same amount of healthy protein as 2/3 tons of soybean. And also the top quality of protein is high, and also 70% of it can be totally absorbed by animals.

1 lots of Alfalfa consists of the exact same amount of TDN (complete absorbable nutrients) as 1 bushel of corn. Animals fed with alfalfa tend to grow faster and also more powerful, with more meat, milk as well as eggs outcome.

Alfalfa can give minerals and vitamins for animals. 1 extra pound of alfalfa can fulfill the nutrition need of pet who evaluates 100 pounds. As well as the vitamin A in alfalfa assists the development of beef pets.

Alfalfa pellets for animal feed

Making alfalfa into pellets can reduce its volume, so they are convenient to store and transport.

Alfalfa pellets are more tasty for animals than large alfalfa. Making pellets can decrease food waste and also advertise feed intake.

Alfalfa pellets are easier for food digestion as well as nutrition absorption. Cows fed with alfalfa pellets have their milk yield boosted. Pigs eating alfalfa pellets have less opportunity to obtain constipation.

Alfalfa pellets can offer more dietary worth than the same quantity of alfalfa, as a current study suggests. So making pellets can conserve your straw.

Alfalfa pellets can supply livestock with forage-based calories, which does not have the negative effects that high sugar as well as starch feed reason.

Alfalfa pellet fuel

Alfalfa pellets can likewise play the function of gas. It is suggested to blend alfalfa with various other biomass products such as sawdust, grass, waste documents to enhance the burning efficiency, and also decrease the ahs and also smoke discharge.

Alfalfa pellets plant food

Alfalfa is a nitrogen-fixing plant. It transfers nitrogen from the ambience. The nitrogen material has to do with 5%. It likewise has various other plant development marketers like minerals and also triacontanol.

You can make alfalfa into pellets and spread them in farmland as fertilizer. They put on blossom, vegetables and other plants, as well as promote their growth. As alfalfa pellets have greater thickness, they can support the plants for a longer duration.

Just how to make alfalfa pellet?

alfalfa pellets manufacturing procedure


The alfalfa for making pellets need to have the wetness material of about 15%. For production lower than 500kg/h, all-natural drying by the sun suffices. For large-scale production, you can utilize a rotary dryer in the alfalfa pellet production line.


Only materials of certain sizes can be feed right into the pellet making machine. You can utilize a hammer mill or a mill to procedure alfalfa products into little sizes, typically Φ3-5mm.


You can feed the ground alfalfa into a pellet maker. It can mold your materials right into strong as well as cylindrical pellets. Pick an appropriate pellet maker according to your production range and also power supply. You can consult us for guidance!

Air conditioning

The newly produced pellets have high temperature of 85 ℃. They need to be cooled down for packing and storage space. You can use a counter flow cooler or a horizontal colder. For small-scale production or residence usage, you can put alfalfa pellets on ground for natural air conditioning. So the cooler machine is optional.


To assist in storage and also transport, you can load pellets into bags. The pellet packer can instantly place pellets into bags of different sizes.

Alfalfa pellet making equipment

Alfalfa pellet machine is used to process alfalfa materials right into pellets. They can be identified into 2 kinds. Ring die pellet machine is suitable for large-scale production, while flat die pellet machine is suitabled for small production.

Besides, they have electricity, gas, diesel as well as PTO 4 driving kinds. You can choose the best one according to your production requirement as well as power resources.

Apartment die as well as roller are the wearing parts in pellet maker. Superior product and also high firmness can guarantee their functioning life. The hole size of level die is from 2mm to 10mm. To make fine feed for hen as well as fish you need to utilize smaller size. To make coarse feed for sheep and also horse you ought to utilize larger dimension.

To pick premium alfalfa pellet machine, a reputable distributor is one of the most important. It should have accreditations as well as guarantee plan, and provide detailed service.

RICHI is a skilled pellet machine maker as well as vendors. We are concentrated on tiny pellet making maker for house and also farm use. We likewise give auxiliary devices like dryer, cooler and hammer mill. welcom to send out enquiry in the chart listed below!

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