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How To Build Wood Pellet Production Line?

As the development of economic situation, the equipment in the machinery sector is additionally boosting, the wood pellet production line is no exception. From the future time, wood pellet fuel is a new biomass power as well as comes from the environmental protection sector.

Wood Pellet Production Line Introduction

Wood pellet is a brand-new bioenergy, it can change wood, fuel oil, dissolved gas and so on, commonly utilized for heating, residential food preparation variety, warm water central heating boiler, commercial central heating boiler, biomass nuclear power plant and so on.

Due to the fact that the shape is pellet, the volume is compressed, storage room is saved, as well as transport is convenient, minimizing transportation price.

Second of all, high burning performance, easy to stress out, the quantity of carbon residue is small. Compared with coal, the unpredictable web content is high and the ignition point is low, which is easy to spark.

Increased thickness, high power thickness, burning period raised significantly, can be directly used in coal-fired boilers. When biomass pellets are burned, the web content of hazardous gas is really low.

Development Possibility Of Wood Pellet Production Line

From the perspective of ecological upkeep of sawdust particle production, renewable resource can boost environmental degradation.

Taking into consideration the power security of wood pellet production, it can minimize the shortage of power.

Create sustainable power to apply rural areas, which can raise farmers’ revenue as well as enhance country conditions.

The focus on renewable driving force can constitute a new point of economic growth, promote modifications in financial development methods, broaden employment, advertise continual financial as well as social development, is a significant development leads.

Main Equipment Of Wood Pellet Production Line

The wood pellet production line consists of the complying with equipment: crusher, clothes dryer, wood pellet machine, conveyor, cooling maker, product packaging equipment.

Process Flow Of Wood Pellet Production Line

Collect raw materials → crush raw materials → dry raw materials → press pellets → cool pellets → screen completed products → pack them in bags.

Every step and also every equipment in the wood pellet production line has rigorous procedure specs and also high quality requirements to make certain the quality of products.

Sawdust granulator is a mechanical equipment which is constructed from eucalyptus, ache, birch, poplar, fruit and various other fast-growing hedges, sawdust, sawdust as well as various other materials via crushing or screening, and also drying.

How To Work Wood Pellet Equipment?

There are 2 fundamental sorts of wood pellet equipment, level die and also ring die. With level die pellet maker, press roll as well as press die family member movement of the material securing, compression, compaction into the die hole, through the die empty and after that via reducing to form pellets or blocks.

Ring die pellet maker has a ring die. Through the ring die as well as roller extrusion, extrusion right into the ring die hole, as well as remain to extrude to the external end.

Wood pellet equipment production procedure will certainly be made use of in wood or other raw materials initial crushed into sawdust. After that through a funnel-shaped mold, the raw product is compelled to extrude from the design opening in a fixed size, eventually compressing it right into dense pellets.

The warm produced by compression and rubbing during this procedure can thaw lignin in the wood. As the pellets pass through the other end of the wood pellet machine, they gradually cool down. As the lignin cools, it can cement all the components, resulting in tough, solid pellets.

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