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The special significance of wood pellet mill sale

Today we will talk about “the special significance of wood pellet mill for sale”. Biomass energy is the fourth largest energy source in the world after coal, oil and natural gas. It has always been an important energy source for human survival and occupies an important position in the entire energy system.

Experts predict that biomass energy will become an important part of the future sustainable energy system. By the middle of this century, various biomass fuels produced with new technologies will account for more than 40% of the total global energy consumption.

1. Wood pellet mill for sale

Wood pellet mill for sale, as an important equipment for the production of biomass pellets, the biomass energy it develops and utilizes is of special significance to the rural areas of our country. The vast rural areas in many countries are rich in biomass energy resources.

It is estimated that agriculture and forestry can provide about 600 to 700 million tons of solid energy resources each year, and the energy contained is equivalent to 300 to 350 million tons of standard coal, accounting for 2005. 15% to 17.4% of the total national commodity energy production.

Although there is such abundant biomass energy, due to technical and economic reasons, these resources cannot be well utilized, which not only causes serious energy waste and environmental pollution, but also increases the economic burden of farmers. The emergence of equipment such as wood pellet mill for sale has solved this problem well.

Due to my country’s vast area and large population, conventional energy cannot fully meet the growing needs of the vast rural areas. At the same time, various international conventions on environmental issues are being formulated to limit greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide. country is disadvantaged.

Therefore, based on the existing biomass resources in my country’s rural areas, researching new conversion technologies and developing new biomass wood pellet mill for sale is not only an urgent need for rural development, but also a fundamental need to protect the environment and implement sustainable development strategies. (Related post:fuel pellet plant )

Using sawdust pellet machines and other equipment as much as possible in rural areas, using more biomass energy, and reducing the consumption of fossil energy such as coal, can achieve the effect of serving multiple purposes with one stone.

2. Application advantages of wood pellet mill for sale


I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar with the sawdust pellet machine. As a kind of pellet machinery, wood pellet mill machines are still widely used in production activities. So, what is the main structure of the sawdust wood pellet mill for sale? What are the advantages of this kind of mechanical equipment?

You must be very curious about this, so let’s find out about it with Richi Machinery!

The wood pellet mill for sale adopts the screw center pressure regulating mechanism, and its die gap can be adjusted, and it is suitable for different materials to ensure the pressing effect. (Related case:biomass wood pellet plant in Indonesia

At the same time, because the compression molding of wood chips and straw requires a lot of pressure, in the equipment of pelletizing, briquetting and rod making, the pressing wheel part is the central part of the whole equipment. The pressure wheel of the wood pellet mill for sale adopts a large groove width, which is pressure-bearing and wear-resistant, which can ensure the pressing effect and make it shape better.

The advantage of the wood pellet mill for sale that the pressure wheel can be increased arbitrarily is unmatched by other equipment.

(1) The pressure wheel of the wood pellet mill machine is enlarged, so that the bearing is enlarged, which enhances the pressure bearing capacity of the wood pellet machine.

(2) The pressure wheel of the sawdust pellet mill machine is enlarged, and the temperature generated by friction and extrusion is not easily transmitted to the bearing chamber, ensuring that the bearing works at low temperature, and the lubricating oil is not easy to overflow, which is safer.

(3) The pressure roller of the wood pellet mill for sale is enlarged, which can repair the pressure roller 2-3 times, prolong the service life of the equipment, reduce the production cost, and increase the profit margin of the project.

Richi Machinery has been focusing on the research and development and production of wood pellet mill for sale, sawdust pellet machines, wood pelletizing plants, biomass pellet mill machines, pulverizers, wood processing equipment, drying equipment, cooling equipment and packaging equipment for many years. All products have passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification and EU CE certification, which is trustworthy!

Now, we know the structure of the wood pellet mill for sale and have a certain understanding of its production structure. If you have any doubts about our introduction or wood pellet mill for sale, you can communicate with us, Richi Machinery has rich experience in this field!

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